Direct Micro Hair Transplant, FUE and FUT.
Types of Hair Transplant

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There have been various methods to recover hair throughout time, including the strip of skin technique, micro grafting, and the direct micro implantation of hair, which offers excellent benefits and that Hairfix has developed with excellent results.

Here you’ll learn about each one of them and their process, solving any doubt you have while helping you make the right choice.

Direct Micro Hair Transplant

This technique is performed by extracting the follicles individually with precise medical instruments – 1 millimeter or less in diameter – that allow the doctor to be as gentle as possible. Thanks to the carefulness that this procedure is done with, the donor area is left with no scars and the recipient area heals faster; all of this contributes to better results once the hair starts growing.

FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant

This intervention is one of the most obsolete techniques in terms of hair transplantation. It consists of the surgical harvest of a skin strip taken from the back of the patient’s head, which is later closed through sutures, meaning that a long, horizontal scar forms once it has healed.

Apart from leaving very noticeable scarring due to the extraction method, the implantation phase also requires making small holes and slits in the recipient area, which makes the recovery process take longer. Overall, the follicles survival rate is low, minimizing the chances of successful results on the long run.


FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

This technique is performed by removing the follicles one by one from the donor area using motorized tools, which makes the procedure relatively quick. However, as with the FUT, the severe manipulation of the hair to be implanted reduces their survival rate, meaning that the implant may not be as effective.

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