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Our Hair Loss Doctor and Hair Transplant Doctor

We are an hair transplant clinic in Mexico dedicated to offering integral hair restoration treatments for men and women.
At Hairfix, we know that appearance plays a fundamental role in our personal and social life. In this sense, we understand that baldness can have a profound impact on a person’s general well-being, which is why we are here: to help you live a worry-free life, looking rejuvenated with the best hair transplant services.
hair loss doctor
best hair transplant in mexico
We are located in Tijuana – which is rapidly becoming the hair transplant capital of Mexico just as Turkey is in Europe.
Experience and kindness are two great qualities that make our team stand out, as well as the level of communication we have with our patients, always making sure that they are well-informed and calm in every step of the process.
hair loss doctor
Provide you with the best hair transplant experience is our priority. Our team of medical specialists – with more than 20 years of combined experience – belong to a select group of Mexican doctors who are members of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).
They participate in continuing formation programs and are also active members of the leading hair restoration institutions and associations in Latin America: COMMEL (Mexican College of Aesthetic Medicine and Longevity), IPPC (Pan American Institute of Scientific Professionals), SMCME (Mexican Scientific Society of Aesthetic Medicine) and SILATC (Ibero-Latin American Society of Hair Transplantation).
hair loss doctor


Help men and women to enhance their appearance through hair restoration solutions, improving their quality of life physically and emotionally.


To be leaders in the industry of hair transplantation and comprehensive treatments to fight hair loss in Mexico and the world, with a team of high-level professionals and an innovative service catalog.


Dr. Javier Estrada Saiza

He is a specialist in Direct Micro Hair Transplantation, with experience and training in different areas of this specialty, such as clinical hair therapies, micrografting, mesotherapy, and alopecia, among other treatments and pathologies.

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