“The staff here is amazing. They follow up with me all the time. There was great communication before and also after the procedure, great customer service. I’m so happy I did the procedure, my life changed. I feel so much younger, the results are great!”.

Drei Ros, Romanian Hip Hop Artist & Producer

What Our Patients Say About Us​

Elbaz David
Elbaz David
Thats was very good , the operation was been very good i dont get pain with anestesi , the staff was very Nice and the hostel is very luxury, i am happy for the result , i all french excuse my english if i dont write good , the price is good too its less expensive than other country for great quality that the same price of turkey but the quality i think is better
Ramón G. Ojeda
Ramón G. Ojeda
Excelente servicio, Christopher me hizo sentir muy cómodo durante toda la consulta. Han demostrado gran profesionalismo en todos los pasos, me han hecho muy fácil iniciar.
Luis Rendon
Luis Rendon
I had so much anxiety going in to this process, but it truly could not have been easier and honestly more relaxing. From the transportation to the hotel to the staff - truly next level hospitality.
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes
I’ve been struggling with thinning of my hair from the front/top part of my head, had my consultations over the phone. Christopher was my contact person, who assisted me in my hair transplant journey as far as how to get to the office, payment information and what to expect. I went to Tijuana for one day and had my transplant with Dr. Gina took about 6 hrs to do the extract and implant of hair, the experience was great they really took good care of me. I am happy with my results so far and will continue to follow up with them over the phone for a year.
Excelente servicio y resultados! Mi idea era hacer implante en zonas donde creía necesitarlo, pero después de evaluarme en la clínica, ellos decidieron recetarme medicamento controlado, mucho más económico que el implante (sin efectos secundarios, en mi caso) y con grandes resultados en menos de 3 meses.
josue perez
josue perez
Tuve consulta y el equipo fue profesional al analizar mi caso, estoy en tratamiento para en un futuro para hacerme el trasplante.
Duncan Cory
Duncan Cory
Dr Javier And christopher do an amazing job abs have exceptional service. They overdelivered every time. Their facility is super clean and it was overall a very good experience. I highly recommend Hairfix to anyone looking into getting a hair transplant
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez
Buen lugar que ofrece varios tratamientos para la perdida de cabello. En mi experiencia he visto resultados muy buenos en 4 meses. Cristopher es siempre muy amable responde todas mis preguntas y da mucha información sobre el tratamiento que estoy recibiendo. Todo el personal también es muy profesional además de que siempre está muy limpio.

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