Before and After Hair Transplant
Safe Procedure, Maximum Density Without Scars

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Direct micro hair transplantation is an innovative technique that offers excellent results with a natural appearance. This method is ideal for both men and women who want to regain the hair that they have lost over the years.

Our doctors’ experience, the high quality of our instruments, and the strict safety protocols we follow offer a 97% survival rate of the transplanted hair without damaging the donor area.

The level of effectiveness of this treatment makes it the most popular and convenient hair restoration technique among patients worldwide. Among the many benefits of a hair transplant, are:

  • Natural-looking results.
  • The implanted hair will never fall out.
  • Hair restoration according to the patient’s facial structure.
  • No scars.
  • Minimal manipulation of the donor and recipient areas.
  • Fast recovery.

Thanks to our medical team’s professional work in the last decade, we have transformed the lives of hundreds of national and international patients. In the vast majority of cases, recovering hair translates into greater self-confidence and an improved quality of life.

Do not leave your hair health in inexperienced hands that can cause damage and end up aggravating your hair loss problem. Trust the experts at HairFix: our doctors’ experience, the technology used, and the comprehensive, personalized plans we create just for you offer the best results!

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