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Say goodbye to baldness and regain your confidence with the most advanced technique in hair restoration, FUE / DHI.

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Effective Solutions For Hair Loss

It’s time to get rid of shampoos, hair fibers, wigs and other products that just don’t work! A Hair Transplantation in Mexico with the FUE / DHI technique is the solution for hair loss. Combining the best technology and high precision, our doctors are able to create natural looking results.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Tijuana, Mexico


$ 3,500
  • Duration
    One Full-Day Procedure
  • Number of implanted hairs
    Based on the maximum extraction quantity
  • Hair Transplant (FUE / DHI technique)
  • In-hospital medications
  • Post-operative care kit
  • Post-operative care service
  • Post-operative medications
  • Follow up consultations with the doctor
  • Bilingual staff
  • Accomodation in Quartz Hotel and Spa (2 nights)
  • San Diego - Tijuana | Tijuana - San Diego Transportation
  • Laboratory Test

Our Doctors

What Our Patients Say About Us

Hector Leyva
Hector Leyva
excelente atención y trato muy amables y estoy fascinado con el resultado 100% recomendado excellent service and very friendly treatment and I am fascinated with the result 100% recommended
I just had my hair transplant done 10 days ago, and I have to say that I had the best experience with the team that took care of me during the procedure, since the day I went in for my consultation, Luis took care of me and was super friendly and very professional, since I walked in into the clinic I was very impressed with the installations, I have to say they overpassed my expectations, while doing the procedure the team that took care of me were always aware if I needed something during the procedure, and Dr Karla Saldivar and her team was just awesome all the time, the process was super smooth, and I recommend that anyone who suffers from loosing or tinning hair and are not happy on how you look definitely without out a doubt should go see them
Lauro Montalvo
Lauro Montalvo
Great people, great service. Unfortunately the hair from my donor area was not strong enough and the procedure was aborted. I believe it was the right decision though I wish it was detected prior to cutting my hair all the way. Maybe something to consider for future patients. I was preparing for the procedure for a year and the team was always close to me, great service all the time.
Gregory Li
Gregory Li
I was a little suspicious and have concerns before I made the decision/read others reviews. But I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. Now it is over , i have to say the experience is wonderful and way exceeding my expectations. First the communication with their specialist Luis is great, all the details are discussed, including important medical facts , payment and hotel arrangement. The procedure went very well, the nurses and doctor Karla are well prepared , apparently they have a system, and everyone knows exactly what her or his role is. The medical exam before the procedure was also important and easy, all in the same building , i actually got good medical advices from the physician on a different floor , she was much more detailed oriented than my US primary physician. The final result so far is wonderful , Dr.Karla is very experienced andI think she has made great decisions on where to implant the new hairs and how many grafts shall be extracted from donor area. The post procedure was great as well, the pain was felt when anesthesia ran out, but i was given pain relief pill, 2 hours after the procedure, i did not have much pain (not sure it was due to pain meds or not , i believe the pain level just went down , i only took pain relief meds once). I have lo nothing but nice things to say about these professionals, have no hesitation to recommend them.
silvio soto
silvio soto
Muy profesionales se los recomiendo y buena atención detallada
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor
Incredibly professional and helpful with any concerns or questions you could have. Explained every step of the procedure and process of healing in great detail. Immaculate facilities and great people, the smoothest process of surgery while also making sure I’m comfortable at all times.
To all you Americans who have hairline issues this is the place to go! My experience was awesome! Christopher did his job very well helping me every step of the way! Thank you Christopher. Hair fix did exactly what I wanted my hair line looks great!! Thank you Hair fix!
Mark Grandy
Mark Grandy
This clinic is top notch. Profession, organized, well priced and has very modern installations. Luis help me coordinate all pre and post op communication. He is very responsive and helped all the way through. He is very experienced in this field and speaks perfect english. Dr Gina has extensive surgery experience and was a pleasure to chat with during the procedure. I would have liked to have met with her in the lead up to surgery instead of just 5 minutes before. I cant comment on the results yet as I am in the shock loss phase currently. I will amend this review when the result become clear. Over all the best clinic in Tijuana for this procedure. I looked at 4 others... Top notch hotel with in the same complex. 1st world feel with out the price tag!!


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Frequent questions

What techniques are available?

Currently, there are three types of hair implants in Mexico techniques: FUT, FUE, and DHI. All three offer excellent results. The choice of technique depends on your specific case, so the evaluation of a specialist is essential.

Should I choose FUT or FUE?

FUT, Follicular Unit Transplantation, or strip technique, is the oldest and gets its name because a strip of scalp is removed to obtain the hair follicles that will be implanted in the recipient area. It is a method that allows for many follicles to be obtained and to treat a large surface area. However, the extraction involves cutting skin and blood vessels, making it potentially painful and leaving a horizontal scar on the back of the neck.


On the other hand, the FUE technique, Follicular Unit Extraction, as the name suggests, involves the extraction of follicular units from the donor area and then implanting them in the recipient area. These units are small pieces of tissue with hair follicles that undergo treatment before being grafted into a natural pattern, with small and invisible scars. However, the treatment of the follicles reduces their survival rate, and small holes must be made to graft them, making it a painful process.

Both techniques provide favorable results, but the choice between FUT and FUE should be based on the evaluation of the specialist, as well as the patient´s needs and goals.

What is hair transplantation with the DHI technique?

Direct Hair Implantation, or DHI, involves the manual extraction of follicular units, which are then directly implanted in the recipient area using an implantation pen.

In this method, extraction and implantation are done in a single session, minimally invasive, almost painless, with natural results, no scars, and minimal discomfort.

Will they transplant grafts or follicles?

Grafts are formed by follicular units that have one to five hairs. During the transplant, the follicular units are grouped according to the number of hairs and implanted in the recipient area.

How can I determine how many follicles I need?

The number of follicular units to transplant depends on factors such as the type of baldness, available hair, and areas affected by alopecia. It might be thought that more hair loss requires more follicles, but the suitability of donor follicles, potential future hair loss, among other factors, must be determined.

To determine the necessary follicles for transplantation, a specialist’s evaluation is needed to analyze the most critical factors for a successful implant with satisfying results for the patient.

What is the best age for a hair transplant?

In general, the age range for hair implants is between 18 and 80 years. It is most recommended between 30 and 40 years, depending on factors such as the type of alopecia and its stabilization. Once again, the importance of the specialist’s evaluation is emphasized to determine the best time for a transplant.

How many hairs or follicles will be transplanted?

The specialist will assess the amount of hair and follicles to be grafted depending on the degree of baldness, hair density in the donor area, and the size of the recipient area.

What density will I have in my transplanted hair?

Hair density is measured by the number of follicular units (FU) per square centimeter. Starting from 40 lost FUs, bald areas begin to appear on the head. Therefore, grafts cover between 45 FUs and 60 FUs per square centimeter for natural looking results.

Where will the follicles be taken from?

Generally, healthy follicular units are extracted from the back of the head or the donor area because the hair in that area is stronger and genetically programmed to continue growing, and it does not tend to miniaturize over time. This way, the transplanted hair will look natural and continue to grow.

What size will my donor area be?

The donor area, from which follicular units are extracted, usually covers the temporal and occipital part of the scalp, from the ear line to the back of the neck. The extent of this area depends on the patient’s needs.

Is it safe to transplant more than 2000 follicles at once?

Yes, the hair implants in Mexico procedure is safe, minimally invasive, and can be done in a single session.

Is it guaranteed that the hair transplant will work?

Generally, hair implants in Tijuana have high success rates because they are done with autologous grafts, or the patient’s own. This increases the chances of success since there is no risk of rejection, and the risk of infections is very low.

How fast does transplanted hair grow after a hair transplant?

Generally, transplanted hair takes about twelve months to fully develop. Hair growth from the transplanted follicles begins in the first three months, and a noticeable aesthetic change can be seen at six months. However, the final result will be seen after the first year, as the follicles will have fully integrated.

Who performs my hair transplant?

Hair transplants are performed by specialists in hair grafts, and during the procedure, they may have assistants.

Who designs my hairline?

The hair transplant specialist designs the hairline based on the patient’s gender, facial anatomy, degree of alopecia, and the desired results.

What complications can arise?

In general, hair transplantation is a safe procedure, but like any intervention, there may be risks such as:

  • Pain during injection
  • Discomfort after the graft
  • Reactions to anesthesia, such as dizziness, nausea, and headache
  • Bleeding after the intervention
  • Swelling
  • Crusts in the transplant area
  • Folliculitis
  • Scalp hypersensitivity

How many sessions are necessary?

Thanks to hair graft techniques like DHI, up to three thousand follicular units can be implanted in a single session, with adequate density and a natural aesthetic appearance.

What is the success rate?

Hair transplanted using techniques like FUT, FUE, and DHI does not fall out again. The extraction of follicular units is done in hidden areas that do not compromise the patient’s appearance. Additionally, transplanted hair has genetic information predisposing it to grow, unaffected by hormonal changes or alopecia. Therefore, the success rate of a hair transplant is over 95%.

What is the cost of hair transplantation in Tijuana, Mexico?

At HairFix Mexico, we offer packages of hair implants starting from $3,040 USD. Schedule your evaluation appointment and get a personalized quote.

Does HairFix offer all-inclusive packages for hair treatments?

Yes. At HairFix Mexico, we have packages that cover transportation from San Diego to Tijuana and vice versa, two nights of accommodation, the hair transplant procedure, preoperative medications, post-operative care, follow-up consultations, among other benefits, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Are hair transplants safe in Tijuana, Mexico?

Yes. At the HairFix Mexico hair restoration clinic, we comply with safety protocols and the necessary permits to provide the best care to our patients. Our specialists have medical training, undergraduate degrees, diplomas, and certifications to support their expertise.

How much free time do I need to consider for a hair transplant in Mexico?

In general, the hair transplant process is safe, and recovery is immediate. However, it is recommended to take at least one day off to allow discomforts, such as itching and burning from the procedure.

Do you offer online consultations?

Yes. At HairFix, we provide online consultations through platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, or Google Hangouts. In both in-person and online modalities, consultations are free and without obligation.

What will the process be like, from confirming my appointment to returning home?

When you attend a consultation, our specialists will assess your case using a dermatoscope to identify areas affected by alopecia and other hair conditions. They will also administer a questionnaire to understand your overall health.

Once the diagnosis is made and the budget is accepted, our specialists will create the design for the hair transplant based on facial structure and patient expectations. This design will show the areas to be covered with the graft.

In case it would be necessary, the specialists will suggest a treatment plan to restore the patient’s hair and achieve better results.

What payment methods are available for the hair transplant procedure at HairFix?

At HairFix, we accept cash payments as well as Mastercard, Visa, and DocPay.

What is included in the cost of the hair transplant surgery?


  • Two-night stay at Quartz Hotel & Spa
  • Transportation from San Diego to Tijuana and from Tijuana to San Diego
  • Preoperative medications
  • Postoperative care kit
  • Postoperative care
  • Postoperative medications
  • Follow-up consultations with specialists

Does the cost of the hair transplant include post-procedure checks and follow-ups?

Yes. In Hairfix when you undergo your hair implants in Tijuana Mexico, you will have follow-up appointments with our specialists to ensure the implant’s success and to address any complications.


How to choose a clinic for hair transplantation in Mexico?

When choosing a clinic for a hair transplant, we recommend the following:


  • Ensure it is an authorized clinic for performing transplant procedures with highly qualified and certified staff.
  • Verify that the clinic genuinely exists and has positive reviews on social media.
  • Review before and after photos of their transplants.
  • Confirm that the clinic uses advanced techniques to achieve the best results.


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