Making an accurate diagnosis is the first step to perform an effective treatment. Regardless of your degree of alopecia, we will provide you with a personalized solution so that you can restore your hair and enjoy a renewed appearance.

Hairfix is a clinic specialized in hair restoration treatments, committed to providing innovative services to help our patients achieve the results they want and project the best image of themselves.

Our experienced medical team has international preparation to provide you with everything from preventive solutions, to corrective treatments such as hair grafting on the head, beard and eyebrow.

Why choose us?

We help men and women look and feel like they have always dreamed of through safe procedures and cutting-edge technology from our office in Tijuana. Our medical and artistic vision on hair transplantation, allows us to work with the necessary precision to meet our patients’ expectations, making Hairfix the best hair transplant in mexico specialist.

Advanced Direct Micro Hair Transplantation

Using millimetric technology, the hair is extracted from the back of the head, known as the “donor” area, to be later implanted in the regions affected by hair loss, such as the crown or temples. This procedure creates natural looking results without scars.

International Experience

Besides its extensive experience in this field of hair transplantation in Mexico, our medical team is internationally trained. Their preparation includes master courses in european countries (such as Greece and Turkey), as well as in different Latinamerican cities.

hair transplant in tijuana

Procedures Performed by Doctors Only

Unlike other clinics where technical personnel intervene in the execution of the procedure, in Hairfix, the hair transplant is performed entirely by our expert doctors.
The nursing team assists, but the physician is the only one in charge of the extraction and implantation.

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Personalized Solutions

The accuracy in the diagnosis and the precise analysis of alopecia in our patients allows us to offer comprehensive treatments. During the procedure, we take care of even the smallest details to achieve results that fit your aesthetic goals and expectations.


Hair transplant in tijuana

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hair transplant in mexico


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