Eyebrow Transplant vs. Microblading: Which One is Better?

eyebrow transplant vs. microblading: which one is better?

The expression, “Raised eyebrows” takes on a whole new meaning if you’re ashamed of your eyebrows. Thinning eyebrows is a common problem, but there are solutions: transplants and microblading.

An Eyebrow Transplant, Really?

Just like hair transplants that are performed on the scalp, eyebrow transplants work much the same way: A fertile graft of hair is removed from the back of your head—around the nape of the neck—and implanted into the thin areas of your brows. The procedure is done under a local anesthetic in a dermatologist’s office and takes a few hours, depending on how much hair is transplanted.

Once settled in their new environment, the hair follicles begin to grow, eventually filling in your brows with your own hair. It’s been reported that celebrities such as Chrissy Teigan, Megan Fox, and Kim Kardashian have had great success from transplants.

Microblading: A Brow “Tattoo”

A less invasive, and faster way to handle thinning eyebrows is a popular procedure called microblading. It’s a simple procedure: A technician uses a hand-held tool with several tiny needles to etch hair-like images onto the skin. The pigment used in the needles is a special tattoo ink, formulated to match the natural color of your existing eyebrow hair. The area is numbed prior to the procedure, which takes less time than a transplant.

This gives you a temporary fix—it may last only a couple of years—and must be re-applied. Yet it’s reportedly been a choice by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Courteney Cox, and Madonna.

So: What Will it Be?

Clearly, transplants and microblading are very different techniques. How do they compare, exactly?

Let’s take a look:

  1. Long vs. short term. Admittedly, microblading is a temporary solution. While it may last several months, it will eventually fade and will require “touch-ups” when it does. Eyebrow transplants, however, tend to be more permanent; a few hairs may fall naturally over time, but transplants seldom have to be repeated. That said, it takes longer for you to see the results of transplants.
  2. Procedure Time. Because hair transplantations are technically surgeries—and because donor hair must be extracted first—they take longer to perform than microblading, which takes about as much time as getting a regular tattoo. But since you have to repeat microblading every two years or so, do they really save you time in the long run?
  3. Potential complications. Neither procedure is without some degree of risk. Both present a potential for infection, although if performed by qualified staff, that risk is minimal. People who bleed easily must take pre-op precautions before surgery. Bruising is a possibility in both procedures, as the affected skin experiences trauma. And while neither surgery is excessively painful, eyebrow transplants may involve more post-op discomfort that microblading does.
  4. Aftercare. It’s important to remember that either experience doesn’t end when you get out of the chair. Both procedures require the patient to keep the affected areas protected and clean during the healing process. This is especially true for transplants, which require follow-up visits with the surgeon to make sure everything is healing properly. Recovery time is substantially less for microblading than it is for eyebrow transplants.
  5. Cost. It probably comes as no surprise that microblading is the more economical treatment, given that transplants require a higher level of preparation, precaution, and surgical technique. However, since microblading is such a short-term procedure and must be repeated, you might find that eyebrow transplants save money in the long run.

Deciding if You’re a Candidate

There’s obviously a lot to consider if you’re looking to make a change to your eyebrows. How much time and effort are you willing to invest? What kind of long-term result are you looking for? What’s the most comfortable for your budget?

We should mention that, although most people who have these procedures are women, men also have them done. While the male brow tends to be naturally thicker than the female brow, it can likewise thin with age.

Your age or gender doesn’t matter! If you want to make a change to your brows, decide which procedure is best and go for it!

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Hairfix Medical Team

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