What should I know before a hair transplant in case of women’s hair loss?

Alopecia hair loss is a condition that is usually associated with middle-aged men onwards, so it is a problem underestimated in women, although it affects 50% of the female population at some point in their lives.


In women, alopecia hair loss causes loss of density in certain areas of the head, both because the hair becomes thinner, and because of the fall; this situation is usually disguised by wearing accessories, wigs, extensions, a shorter haircut or by giving more volume to the most affected part, among other tricks.


When to consider a transplant for women’s hair loss?

Women often start thinking about a hair transplant around menopause, when hormonal changes accelerate hair loss, cause thinning of the hair fibres and make it grow more slowly. The reason younger women could consider a treatment to recover the density of their hair could be: androgenic alopecia hair loss caused by hormonal factors, pregnancy and lactation, diabetes, poor diets, stress, diseases or their sequelae due to its treatments.


If you notice that in addition to having sparse hair, which falls out easily, you have gaps that you can’t hide with hairstyles, and you have already resorted to other treatments to stop the fall, do not wait for the damage to advance further and consider the benefits of transplantation.


hair transplant for women


¿Can implanted hair fall out again?

During the transplant, the specialist will reposition hair from an area that is not affected by the alopecia hair loss to which it suffered the most damage. After the intervention, these grafts retain the same characteristics they had in their place of origin, so they will not be lost.


¿Should I stay in the hospital?

No, hair transplant is a minimally invasive intervention, in which local anaesthesia is used, so you will not feel pain but a small discomfort during the procedure. You will be in the clinic for a few hours, depending on the size of the area to be treated, and you will be able to observe the definitive results a few months after the intervention.


¿Is the hair transplant in women the same as in men?

The grafting technique is the same since it serves both men and women, however women require a different design since alopecia affects different areas; In addition, this design is made in a personalized way, taking into account aspects such as the shape of the face, the type of hair, among others.


¿How much does hair transplant cost?

Giving a standard price of the transplant is impossible because the assessment of the case of each person is required to determine the number of follicles, the design, the anaesthesia to be used, among other factors that are analysed during the evaluation appointment.


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Hairfix Medical Team

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