Minoxidil for beard: data to take into account


Having an abundant and healthy beard shows virility, personal care and has become one of the most important style trends, which has transcended other men’s fashions to become timeless. However, not all men have an even beard, nor abundant, and in some cases they only have few scattered hairs on their face.

Men who do not have a beard like the one they want usually resort to all kinds of methods in order to make it grow and strengthen it, from home remedies and consumption of male hormones, to the use of treatments that promise to stimulate the beard growth, such as minoxidil.

Today we will tell you what minoxidil is, what it is recommended for and how to use to stimulate beard growth. Lets Start!


What is minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a treatment that was developed in the 1950s for the ulcers treatment in the duodenum. After the first applications in humans, the vasodilation effects of the drug, which caused the growth of body hair and strengthening of hair, were verified.

In the 1980s minoxidil began to be used for the androgenic alopecia treatment (in both men and women), in order to slow hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair. Its effectiveness has been proven by the FDA of the United States, being recognized as the only effective drug for the treatment of genetic cause alopecia.


What is minoxidil for?

Minoxidil is a recommended treatment to stop hair loss as it slows down and stabilizes androgenic alopecia, in addition to promoting hair growth. However, it does not increase the number of hair follicles, so it does not serve to stimulate the birth of new hair.

The first results are seen between three and four months after starting to use it. Its mechanism of action consists of opening the blood vessels (remember that it is a vasodilator drug), so it acts in the muscles, arteries and veins; therefore, it prevents the muscles from contracting and lets the blood to flow more easily through the blood vessels that reach the hair follicles.

In simple words: minoxidil lengthens the hair growth phase and shortens the resting phase, which is why it is said to slow down the fall and also people who use it see how their hair grows faster.


Considerations when using Minoxidil


While the effectiveness of minoxidil is said to be 66%, it is a very long-term treatment and a daily use treatment, which can lead to accelerated hair loss if discontinued.

Now, the application of minoxidil is topical and direct on the scalp with a 12 hours difference between each application. Using this treatment on the face to stimulate the growth of the beard, we recomend you have a specialist prescription and supervision.

We must not forget that minoxidil is a vasodilator drug, and that its use should be under a specialists prescription and supervision, especially if you suffer from heart problems, hypertension, some type of allergy or skin sensitivity.

On the face it is recommended to apply 1 ml of the product with a dropper help and distribute it on the face, leaving it to act for four hours, or overnight, and rinse it with plenty of water. However, it can cause spots on the skin if you use it while exposing yourself to sunlight for a long time so it is usually recommended to choose to use it at night and wash your face before going outside.

The use of minoxidil is usually recommended after a beard graft, which works in a similar way to the hair, and this product helps stimulate growth so that after a few months you can enjoy your new face appearance with the beard you have always dreamed of having. In the HairFix Mexico clinic we have the specialists you need to obtain a design appropriate to your face type, a transplant with natural, lasting results and that do not leave scars that affect your image.

If you have a misaligned beard, with little hair distributed in some areas, or it is very thin and does not allow the abundant growth with which you dreamed of, this is the time to approach our specialists to know the effective beard treatment that will leave you satisfactory results.

Don’t self-medicate or risk your health with methods that don’t work. Schedule your assessment appointment with the experts of HairFix Mexico and enjoy a new image with the beard of your dreams. Ask us about hair transplant in Tijuana and hair transplant price in Mexico.

Hairfix Medical Team

Hairfix Medical Team

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