Before and after beard transplant, what should I expect?

The beard is much more than a growing trend: it is a symbol of masculinity, attractiveness, self-care, beauty, and has even been linked to the wisest men with long, bushy beards. Therefore, many men with hairless faces seek all kinds of natural remedies to grow their beards.


Facial hair transplant is a procedure that is causing more and more impact as it is an effective, definitive solution with natural results when the patient’s own follicles are used, thus obtaining hair of the same color and shape. And, being so popular, it is common for people to wonder what to expect before and after the implant and therefore we will answer that question.


  • Assessment appointment. Before the procedure, you should go to an evaluation appointment so that the professional can analyze if you are a candidate for a beard transplant, make a suitable design for your face and give you the basic indications prior to the procedure.


  • Prior care. Although the specialist will tell you what to do and what not to do, in general we recommend not smoking or drinking alcohol a few days before, as well as using the personal care procedures recommended by the specialist. It is also important to keep the working areas clean.


  • Appointment day. Upon the appointment arrival, the specialists will take the follicles from the donor area, which is usually the back of the head to obtain thin and good quality hair and then implant them in the recipient area, with very small incisions so that the scar is imperceptible


  • Aftercare. Although a little anesthesia is applied to the donor and recipient area, the patient will be conscious at all times and can return home normally, without scarring. The specialist will give instructions such as not drinking alcohol, not smoking and not consuming some medications, it is also recommended not to shave completely for a few months to avoid pulling out the growing hair.


Beard Transplant Before and After


beard transplant results


The beard transplant results can take up to eight months to be reflected, as the hair follicles must grow and strengthen in order to grow permanently. Thanks to the fact that the follicle is obtained from the same patient, there is no risk of allergies or rejection of the organism.


In addition, by taking follicles from the back of the patient’s head, there is less risk of them thinning or falling out, since this area is resistant to alopecia hair loss, so it is a permanent solution and its results are very long lasting.


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Hairfix Medical Team

Hairfix Medical Team

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