Hair Loss Diagnosis
The start of a hair growth journey

Our hair restoration experts are ready to welcome you. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation, where you’ll get a preliminary diagnosis and a personalized quote.

At Hairfix, we believe that a successful hair transplant begins with an accurate diagnosis, which involves analyzing the patient’s hair loss condition to provide it with a personalized treatment, all of these guided by our doctors and hair specialists during a consultation.

What to expect during a consultation?

The consultation can take from 30 to 60 minutes and it goes through a 5-stage process:

  • Introduction to the Direct Micro Hair Transplant Technique: What is it, how it works, what possibilities it offers, and real success stories from our patients.
  • Diagnosis: Using a dermatoscopy with optical zoom, the scalp is carefully examined to identify the condition of the areas affected by hair loss. Thanks to the technology used, we can make a count of your follicles and learn about different characteristics of your hair, such as its thickness, density, and type, as well as possible skin problems on the scap (like alopecia and dermatitis, for example). In this step, a questionnaire is also applied to know your medical history.


  • Hair transplant design: Considering your expectations and facial structure, the doctor will outline the areas of your head that will be treated during the extraction and implantation phases. This step will give you a clear overview of the results you can expect with your hair transplant.
  • Treatment plan: According to the diagnostic analysis results, the patient is provided with an explanation of the variety of preventive or corrective treatment options designed for hair restoration. This treatment is completely personalized according to the patient’s needs and expectations.
  • Personalized quote: After examining aspects like the size of the area where more density is wanted, the condition of the donor area, your hair’s health status, medical history, and overall needs, we will share with you a personalized quote according to the type of treatment that best suits your case.

We offer two modalities to carry out a consultation:

  • Online. The patient has a video call with one of our hair specialists through any of
    the following platforms: Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype or Google Hangouts.
  • In-person. Which can be in any of our office Tijuana (Baja California), in NewCity Medical Plaza.

Regardless of the modality of your choice, the consultation is completely FREE. To schedule an appointment, you can contact us through any of the following:

A proper diagnosis is key to obtaining positive results after a hair transplant; that’s why we strive to do comprehensive evaluations considering both medical and aesthetic aspects. We want you to experience a hair transformation fully informed every step of the way.


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