Your Eyebrows and their Amazing Role in Visual Health: How They Protect Your Eyes and More

Why do we have eyebrows and what is their importance?

You’ve probably seen—or even used—the popular “raised eyebrow” emoji in your texts and emails, an image that speaks for itself.  But did you ever stop to think about just how significant eyebrows really are?

Why We Have Eyebrows? Learn About their Importance

It’s almost mind-boggling when you think about all the ways eyebrows are a part of our lives, yet it’s so easy to see how we take them for granted.  Here’s some food for thought:

  1. Our eyebrows are the eyes’ first line of defense against invading debris, such as dust, pollen, and whatever else is blowing around in the air. Thanks to their placement along the contour of the forehead—extending out slightly beyond your eyes–they catch a great deal of the tiny airborne particles that would otherwise land right in your eyes and cause some uncomfortable problems.
  1. Eyebrows protect the eyes from water, literally diverting liquid to either side of the face, much like a trench, where they drain off. They do the same for sweat:  When you work by the “sweat of your brow,” your eyebrows help keep the salty fluid out of your eyes, where it can cause discomfort, as well as deliver foreign particles that lead to irritation or infection.
  1. A lesser-known fact is that your eyebrows are a built-in shield against sunlight, blocking out some of the direct sun rays that would hit unprotected eyes. In short, they provide a filtering system that reduces glare and cuts down on direct contact with harmful UV rays.
  1. Eyebrows act as a sensory device that lets us know when something is about to invade our eyes, such as bugs. This early alert system gives us time to inspect our brows and remove a nasty invader that could injure our eyes if left unchecked.

Benefits of eyebrows and why do we have them?

  1. Eyebrows also play an important role in our identity. As one of the face’s most distinguishing features, eyebrows are part of who we are. They help form the image of our individuality, draw attention to our eyes—the windows of the soul—and bring uniqueness to our personalities.  Just imagine your driver’s license picture with shaved or absent eyebrows—it just wouldn’t be you.
  1. Healthy eyebrows are a big part of our self-image. Why else would so much consumer spending be directed towards the maintenance, shaping, and coloring of eyebrows, if it weren’t to enhance our concept of beauty and attractiveness? You might not think eyebrows are a top priority in cosmetics, but think again about that driver’s license photo:  You want everything about your face to be attractive.
  1. Eyebrows are an important medium for human communication. A long body of sociological research has affirmed over and over how nonverbal signals are a principle means of expressing emotions, and the face is one of the most significant facial communicators of all. Our emotions, and both the intentional and unintentional messages we send, are expressed primarily through the eyes.  Go back to the raised eyebrow concept:  Nobody had to explain its meaning to you, did they?


Take Care of Your Eyebrows—It’s The Least You Can Do for Them

With them contributing so much to our physical and psychological well-being, eyebrows deserve to be healthy.  Let the HairFix Hair Restoration Center help you with that.

Our team of hair replacement specialists are ready to work with you to restore full, healthy eyebrow transplant using donor grafts taken from your own scalp.

This safe, convenient procedure can be done in a matter of hours at HairFix, and at a much more affordable cost than you’d pay in the U.S.  Contact us today and let’s get ready to start pampering your brows!

Dra. Georgina Curiel

Dra. Georgina Curiel

Dr. Georgina Curiel is a specialist in grafting and hair restoration, with hundreds of successful procedures performed throughout her professional career. Graduated as a Surgeon from the Xochicalco University in Ensenada, Baja California, she has completed various courses internationally, among which her training in hair transplantation in India stands out, one of the main destinations worldwide for this type of procedure. By incorporating her knowledge, thoroughness and the latest technological advances, Dr. Georgina Curiel is recognized for offering natural results that exceed her patients' expectations.

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