Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Clinic

How to chose the best hair transplant clinic

You’ve decided to have a hair transplant. You know the type of transplant you want. Now it’s time to select a clinic. Before making your final choice, research and use these tips for choosing the best hair transplant clinic.

How to Start Researching Transplant Clinics

Start by narrowing your choices to three. You will use the same criteria for all three clinics. Knowing how to choose a hair transplant clinic is as important as picking a clinic.

The Clinic

You want a clinic that has been doing the transplant procedure you want to be done for at least seven years. You want to ensure they will remain open for follow-up appointments and aftercare.

Read the reviews. If there are unhappy patients, are they all complaining about the same thing, or are the complaints different? Do you want to use that clinic if other patients are dissatisfied with their services? Don’t be persuaded by the number of followers. Anyone can have a million followers. You want to see satisfied customers and lots of before and after photos.

A clinic with an excellent reputation is proud to show you their transplant photos!

Are they established on social media? Check the quality and functioning of the website. An established clinic will have a solid media presence with an easy-to-use website. They will encourage you to contact them for more information and answer all your questions without hesitation.


Never use a clinic that is not licensed! Check the clinic’s license. Most reputable clinics post their license where patients can see them. If not, ask to see the license or check the licensing bureau in your municipality to ensure they have a current license.

Is the Clinic Clean?

Ask for a tour of the clinic. Is it clean? Asks if all procedures are sterile. Do they sterilize their instruments and machines and the procedure room? If the answer is no, run, walk away from this clinic! Lack of cleanliness, sterility, and post-surgical sterilization of the room can lead to infection and failed hair transplants!

You want a clinic with good regulations to prevent the risk of infection. Knowing how to choose a hair transplant clinic based on cleanliness and sterility could save your life!

Check the Doctor’s Credentials

This surgeon is going to do your transplant procedure. You want someone who is a medical doctor, not a licensed technician. They should have their licenses displayed for you to see. It is ok to ask the doctor questions. You should feel comfortable with this person before you make your decision.

Make sure the doctor has at least seven years of experience in the procedure you have done. You also want to ensure that the doctor does continuous education and is up on the latest techniques in hair transplantation.

The Transplant Team

You need more than a doctor to do a hair transplant. Ask about the team that will do your transplant. Are they doctors, licensed nursing staff, or medical technicians? What is their role in the procedure room, and how long have they worked at the clinic?

You want a team that takes the initiative to give you the best results. Ask for their credentials and have them explain their role in your care. A team that refuses to answer questions and show their licenses has something to hide. Walk away!

Is the Clinic Staff Knowledgeable and Friendly?

Is the staff friendly? Do they welcome you and offer information? Do they explain the procedure? Did they provide pre-procedure tips and information? What happens after the transplant and the weeks to follow?

You want staff genuinely interested in you as a patient and the procedure. If they are not asking you questions and discussing the transplantation with you now, they will not do so after the hair transplant!

Surgical Expertise

We talked above about your surgeon’s years of experience. Now you need to focus on his hair transplant skills. It takes a talented doctor to make a hair transplant look as natural as possible. Any doctor can use a medical approach, but only a skilled surgeon will use your age, gender, and medical history as a basis for how they do the transplant for the best outcome. There is more to a hair transplant them sticking a few hair plugs on your scalp and calling it done. You want someone who creates a natural-looking head of hair!

Use these tips for choosing the best hair transplant clinic, ask questions, and evaluate their answers. Picking the wrong clinic could have serious consequences.

Is a Hair Transplant in Mexico Successful?

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Hairfix Medical Team

Hairfix Medical Team

Hairfix is ​​a Hair Transplant Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, that offers preventive and corrective solutions for hair loss in NewCity Medical Plaza, the most important medical tourism complex in Latin America.

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