Long hair as a sign of masculinity

long hair sign of manhood

Throughout history, since ancient times, the presence of great warriors and heroes whose distinctive hair has symbolized strength, virility, wisdom and social status has been highlighted in various civilizations and cultures.

In both the East and West, figures such as the Samurai, Vikings, Apaches and other ethnic groups have attributed great value to long hair, which transcends mere fashion. This hair symbol was associated with an almost magical power, as told in famous stories such as that of Samson.

However, over time, the convention that men should wear their hair short was increasingly adopted, an issue that usually has its main explanation in theories of social control that, however, are now being forgotten to give a new dawn to the male mane.

Long hair and its power in antiquity

Starting with one of the most iconic legends referring to long hair as a symbol of power, we have the aforementioned story of Samson, biblical hero of the last ancient Israelite judges whose superhuman strength was related to his hair.

typical viking long hair

In the same sense, various cultures saw in men’s long hair a link to power to the extent that it became a way to establish caste and social classes, as was the case with the Vikings in Northern Europe, who used to wear braids that, along with their untrimmed beard, responded to their military rank and rank within their government.

On the eastern side, from China to Korea, the Confucianism followers stand out, who believed that the body, hair and skin were inherited from their ancestors and therefore should not be damaged or mutilated, while in Japan we find the example of the samurai, a warrior group that occupied much of the history of that country from the tenth to the nineteenth century and whose caste system was marked by the length and hairstyle of the hair.

long hair on men samurai style

Hair in modern times

Although it is speculated that short hair in men had its origin during the Roman Empire with the development of its powerful army, which saw in this an advantage when fighting without the presence of any hindrance and preventing the enemy from having a place to pull, the truth is that this boom had its real impact in modern times, after the development of the militia as the institution we know today.

This, according to some historians, was the door for short hair to be the social rule for gentlemen, in whom modern states saw a potential soldier and a citizen who had to conform to this order, so it could be said that it was also a way to establish a control mechanism and a bias to individuality.

Not for nothing the resurgence of long hair comes hand in hand with the pacifist movements of the 60’s and 70’s, in which the social rebellion against a system that promoted the value of money over human values, war and repression gained strength: the hippie style that to this day is synonymous with rebellion and freedom that, among its many manifestations, found a stronghold in the classic mane of the time.

long hair in men, typical of the 60's

Undoubtedly, hair has always been, in one way or another, one of the most prominent elements of our body when it comes to expressing our style, way of being and ideals, so the impact of losing it due to alopecia can be very hard on an emotional level.

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Dra. Karla Saldívar

Dra. Karla Saldívar

Dr. Karla Saldívar is a teacher in Clinical Nutrition and an expert in hair grafting on the head, beard and eyebrows, as well as hair mesotherapy to increase density and improve hair quality. Graduated and graduated from the Centro de Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco, Campus Tijuana, Mexico, Dr. Karla Saldívar has trained with the best hair restoration doctors nationwide, in addition to her extensive experience in the use of artistic and technological skills. Her priority is to help her patients to recover not only their hair, but their safety and self-esteem, which is why she is characterized by making her patients feel comfortable and providing them with quality care.

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