From Hollywood to Tijuana: Jeremy Jackson’s Hair Grafting Experience

What is the graft experience like in Tijuana?

When Baywatch heartthrob Jeremy Jackson stated losing his hair, he decided to do something about it.

Jackson’s character—the athletic beach boy Hobie Buchanon on the popular 1980s series—always  sported a full head of hair to match his toned surfer body, an image of youth we all dream of.   So Jackson made the short trek from his California home to Tiajuana and to HairFix Restoration Clinic to preserve that image.  He was glad he did.

HairFix Had The Answer

Like the many men—and women—who suffer from hair loss, Jackson wanted the most advanced hair restoration treatment that medical science offers.  HairFix was on the top of his list for providing it: the state-of-the-art facility in Baja’s New City Medical Plaza and its staff of top-notch experts held a high promise of success.  And that’s exactly what it delivered.

“Getting Doted Over”

Jackson found that although hair grafting is technically a surgery, that doesn’t mean it has to be painful or unpleasant.  Quite the contrary.   After being warmly greeted and evaluated by the clinic’s team, his experience began with the extraction of donor follicles from the back of his head, while he chilled out on a soft, comfortable procedure table.  Over 2,000 follicles were painlessly removed from the back of his head in a short period of time while he peacefully cat-napped.

The next stage wasn’t much different.  HairFix professionals began the implantation of donor cells into the thinning areas of his scalp, while Jackson intermittently read or watched the mounted TV in the treatment room.  From start to finish, the Baywatch lifeguard seemed more like he was on vacation than in surgery, saying he was “doted over” by the caring folks at HairFix who saw to his every need.

The Start of a Good Journey

After a good night’s rest at one of Tijuana’s luxury hotels, Jackson returned home to watch his new hair grow.  Today, he sings the praises of HairFix without hesitation:  Jackson’s experience reinforces the clinic’s sterling reputation for quality treatment—and at a cost much less than most U.S. clinics provide.

Let HairFix help you along your path to a fuller head of hair.  We offer a full range of hair transplantation in Mexico, beard, and eyebrows, as well as mesotherapy (nutritional micro-injections) to stimulate slow-growing follicles.   Contact us today and join Jeremy Jackson and countless others whose lives have been benefited by a short visit to Tijuana!

Dra. Georgina Curiel

Dra. Georgina Curiel

Dr. Georgina Curiel is a specialist in grafting and hair restoration, with hundreds of successful procedures performed throughout her professional career. Graduated as a Surgeon from the Xochicalco University in Ensenada, Baja California, she has completed various courses internationally, among which her training in hair transplantation in India stands out, one of the main destinations worldwide for this type of procedure. By incorporating her knowledge, thoroughness and the latest technological advances, Dr. Georgina Curiel is recognized for offering natural results that exceed her patients' expectations.

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