5 Best treatments to regrow hair (Male edition)

Hair Transplant refers to many different treatments that include both surgical and non-surgical options. Among the great number of miracle products that promise to make hair look thicker and feel stronger, you might be wondering which methods are actually reliable to deal with hair loss treatment. Fortunately, there are effective, clinically proven solutions to grow stronger, healthier and thicker hair. 

Direct Micro Hair Transplant 

Direct Micro Hair Transplantation is a medical procedure in which we’re experts that consists of extracting hair from the back of the patient’s head and implanting the follicles in the areas where more density is wanted (like the crown, temples, or hairline). This method offers permanent and natural-looking results without leaving any scars. The results of a hair transplant start being noticeable approximately 4 to 6 months after the procedure as the implanted hair starts its growth cycle.

hair transplant treatment

Stem Cell Protein Extracts for Hair Loss

The Stem Cell Protein Extracts Treatment is capable of increasing the proliferation of cells in the follicles and controlling their growth cycle so that the new hair comes out stronger and healthier. The stem cell protein extracts compound contains 300+ growth factors, and it is designed to increase and maximize the revitalizing effects on the skin where the hair follicles are located, allowing them to regenerate naturally thanks to its nourishing effect.

Stem Cell Protein Extracts

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that simulates the appearance of hair follicles by creating layers of dots across the balding areas. The process resembles a tattoo session as it is performed using pointillism techniques. This treatment is ideal for patients that don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure or that are not candidates for one; results are instant, however, more than one session is usually required because the pigmentation tends to fade overtime.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Minoxidil and Finasteride 

These are two of the most popular hair loss treatments on the market. Both are pharmaceutical medications, and both are available either as prescription medicine or as over-the-counter treatments. Combining finasteride and minoxidil has shown to be very effective at treating hair loss. Minoxidil is topical, which means that it can be sprayed or rubbed into the scalp; finasteride comes in the form of a pill that needs to be taken once a day.

Minoxidil Finasteride

Hair Cloning

Hair cloning is a promising treatment for androgenetic alopecia that creates new hair from donor follicles through a multiplication process. Instead of one-to-one transplantation of hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another, hair follicles would be multiplied outside the body and then transplanted. This strategy to cure hair loss may have potential, but it’s likely years from being ready for the world.

Hair Cloning

There are different solutions to stop baldness, from preventive to corrective options, depending on the stage of alopecia that the patient is going through. The most effective hair regrowth treatments are those that can offer results that will last in the long run, such as hair transplantation in Mexico and stem cell protein extracts for hair loss. In Hairfix, our specialists can guide you through the different solutions available and help choose which one suits your needs best. Contact our hair loss doctor in Mexico for a FREE consultation today! Ask us about stem cell therapy for hair loss in Tijuana, beard transplant cost in Tijuana and hair transplant price in Mexico.


Hairfix Medical Team

Hairfix Medical Team

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