Hair Restoration: Safe Procedure,
Maximum Density Without Scars

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At HairFix, we know that alopecia can go from being an aesthetic problem to one involving self-esteem; therefore, we offer our patients the most advanced technique to regain their hair and confidence.

Our hair implantation procedures are simple and effective thanks to our doctor’s extensive experience, who are members of various renowned institutions.

hair transplant


Also known as hair replacement or capillary implant, it is a medical procedure that consists in the reimplantation of follicles from the same patient to populate the areas where there’s little to no density.

The treatment is performed by extracting healthy and strong hair from the back of the head -where there is usually enough hair volume – to implant it in the scalp areas lacking follicles due to common alopecia. There are various methods, among which the innovative technique of direct micro hair transplant stands out, a procedure on which we’re experts.

Its proven benefits include having a better recovery and a greater probability of a successful transplantation. Unlike other hair implantation techniques (such as the popular FUT and FUE), every detail is taken care of and is done with high precision millimetric instruments, which help achieve a natural appearance and excellent survival of the grafted follicles. No cuts are done during the surgery, meaning no scars are left on the donor area.

hair restoration


In the first phase of the procedure, the doctor determines the volume of follicles to be removed and the area they will be taken from, making sure only the necessary amount of hair is extracted to successfully repopulare the balding regions.


Once this planning is done, the follicle extraction begins using a specialized tool with a diameter of only 1 mm, which allows the entire process to be carried out safely, precisely, and without pain. The risk of scarring is almost non-existent.



The second phase consists of implanting the follicles that have been extracted in the area where more density is wanted. For this, a specially designed instrument for the procedure is used. It allows the doctor to have total control at the time of transplantation and perform the hair graft with greater precision, giving him absolute control over the direction, depth, and angle of each hair, which are key characteristics to provide the patient with a natural-looking hair transplant.



To have a good outcome, there are some key aspects that the doctor and the patient should consider before and after the procedure, as a proper diagnosis and adequate postoperative care are vital to ensure the hair transplant’s success. The intervention includes the following steps:


Performing a hair implantation treatment without a proper diagnosis can have unfavorable consequences on the final results. For this reason, any treatment that we carry out at HairFix begins with a complete evaluation carried out by one of our specialists and medical team.
Hereditary, psychological and dermatological factors, among others, are considered to draw up a personalized treatment plan for each patient, as shown below in a more descriptive way:

  • Psychological examination: Through this, it can be observed if the cause of alopecia is due to depression, stress, anxiety or any other negative emotions.
  • Alopecia evaluation: According to the Norwood (male pattern baldness) and Ludwig (female pattern baldness) scales, the alopecia test is used to precisely establish the type of alopecia and its level of progression.

On the patient’s side, a preoperative care guide should be followed for it to be in optimal conditions and avoid complications during the procedure.

  • Do not drink alcohol for at least a week before the procedure.
  • Avoid tobacco use for several days before the intervention.
  • Follow the instructions of the hair restoration specialist regarding the use of medications.
  • Rest well before the surgery.
  • Have a light breakfast and dress comfortably on the day of the intervention.



On the day of the hair replacement, some necessary protocols are made that allow our specialists to provide safety to the patient and make their experience satisfactory, avoiding from the first moment any risk that compromises their health. Upon arrival, the following steps are followed:

  • The patient undergoes a haircut, which helps the doctor have better visibility during the extraction and implantation.
  • The patient is given a pain reliever to be calmed and relaxed, hence reducing discomfort throughout the procedure.
  • The patient is laid face down for the extraction phase, and local anesthesia is applied before starting. This stage of the treatment lasts between one and three hours, depending on the number of follicles to be removed.
  • There is a 30-minute break, and a light lunch is provided.
  • The patient goes back into the operation room and the implantation phase begins. Local anesthesia is administered again, and the patient is laid on his back. At this stage, the patient remains fully conscious without feeling pain, which allows him to watch a movie, be on his smartphone, sleep or simply relax during the intervention.
  • Once the procedure is completed, the patient is given a postoperative guide to follow.



After the hair restoration, the recovery phase is essential to achieve the expected results.

At the same time, the patient must follow some basic recommendations to avoid damaging the newly transplant hair, such as:

  • Sleep in a 45° position the first days after the intervention.
  • Avoid bumping the head.
  • Have proper scalp hygiene according to the specialists or medical team’s instructions.
  • Do not exercise vigorously for a week.
  • Do not overexpose yourself to the sun.



After the procedure, the patient can go back to his normal activities within 2 or 3 days. The final results will be fully appreciated 12 months after the procedure, however, the implanted hair starts growing between the 4th – 6th month.


hair implantation


Our technique is so effective and versatile that this same procedure can be applied to carry out eyebrow and beard implantation. Therefore, our service goes beyond just treating alopecia, as we can offer you a wide range of possibilities so that you get the image you want for yourself.


Advanced Technology

We use high-precision instruments to achieve natural results.

International Training

Our doctors have prepared in various countries of Europe and Latin America.

Procedures done by doctors only

The extraction and implantation phases are performed by specialized doctors.

Personalized Solutions

We offer a variety of treatments that suit your needs and expectations.


The technique we use in HairFix does not cause pain; also, local anesthesia is applied to reduce any discomfort.

The direct micro hair transplantation we used does not require making incisions, therefore, no scars are left during or after the procedure.

Once the anesthesia vanishes, the patient may experience some discomfort in the area that was previously manipulated; this is common. The sensations that may occur are itching or tingling, but these effects wear off after a short period of time.

The results of the hair transplant can be seen between the fourth and sixth months.
However, it will be up to 12 months after the procedure to evaluate the final results; this is due to the hair’s natural growth cycle, which consists of falling and growing again in a certain period of time.

The hair transplant procedure’s price depends on each patient’s needs, which is why a consultation and diagnosis is needed to determine various factors, such as the size of the area where more density is wanted and how many regions will undergo the procedure, among others.

Depending on the patient’s needs, starting a pharmacological treatment may be recommended to boost the hair transplant results and delay the progression of hair loss in the rest of the patient’s head.

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