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If we talk about famous artists, the musician Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is frequently a topic on social media. He started under the radar since his current relationship and engagement with the actress Megan Fox. Old images of him have been popping on Google, and the media and press noticed that MGKs hair line has changed! The talented singer has been showing up more than ever and becoming a high-level celebrity…

Was MGK bald? Did he undergo a hair transplant? These are some questions that his fans and many hair implant surgeons have. So today, we will discuss all you must know about MGK hair transplant.

The Hairfix team believes that MGK had his hair transplant before he met Megan Fox. 

MGK Before Hair Transplant

MGK built his musical career and even performed at the MTV award shows! His image in the 2000s shows a different hairstyle than we see today. In those days, he had a Mohawk that gave him an edgy look. If you think about it and beyond fashion, it is an ideal hairstyle to hide hair loss and receding hairline!

A receding hairline is when the sides of your head near your temples slowly move back. The line starts to take an “M” or “V” shape, where the hairline goes further away from the temple. MGK had this “M” significant shape in his early 20s. 

Here, we can see a young MGK with a short mohawk hairstyle. If You take a closer look, you will notice a receding hairline and hair loss progression around the temples and crown. This is the most common starting point of male pattern baldness.

According to our team of hair transplant doctor in Mexico, in the photo above, MGK was on stage three on the Norwood scale, the worldwide standard to indicate the hair loss level. If he hadn’t done anything about it, it would have reached level 5.

MGKs Hairstyle on 2022

Compared to the last photo, we can see that MGK hair has grown and filled the sides completely, plus the top looks thick and full. Noticeable results like this do not come from medication such as minoxidil or finasteride since these only work to stop hair loss, not regain it. 

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Even Famous Musicians Can Go Through Hair Loss

As you may already know, MGK is a musician that has composed different music genres from hip hop to rock music. This is one of the main reasons he is so famous around the globe, but his hair wasn’t so lucky!


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Hair transplant surgeons believe that Machine Gun Kellly opted for a procedure known as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), which involves cutting a strip of skin from the back of the head to extract the follicles. If you are a fan of MGK, you may know that he has a tattoo on the back of his head followed by a noticeable scar…

Take a closer look at the tattoo; you will notice a scar left behind after a FUT transplant.

Machine Gun Kelly didn’t bother to go on a surgical technique since he went under the knife. 

Nowadays, the FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) are the most advanced hair restoration techniques.

At Hairfix, our hair transplantation surgeons use the FUE/DHI technique for hair transplants. Here are the procedure steps:

  1. Donor Area Preparation. The doctor evaluates the donor area, the one from which the hair will be extracted. Then, the hair in this area is trimmed to facilitate the identification and removal of hair.
  2. Extraction Phase. The follicles are extracted from the scalp with a specialized tool that, with only 1 mm in diameter, allows the hair to be removed safely, precisely, and without the risk of leaving scars.
  3. Implantation Phase. The extracted follicles are now implanted in the areas affected by baldness, such as the crown or sides. Our doctors control each implanted hair’s direction, depth, and angle, achieving natural-looking results.
  4. Healing And Hair Growth. In the first two weeks, following the post-op care instructions indicated by your doctor will be very important. After a month, you will fully recover, and from the 4th month onward, your hair will begin to grow. The final results of your hair transplant will be fully appreciated within 12 months.

Hair Transplant – FUE/DHI Technique Results

With Hairfix, you will achieve natural-looking results and full density without scars. 

Hair Transplant Before And After

How Much Is A Hair Transplant In Mexico?

If you are experiencing hair loss, we can help. Our specialists have years of experience in hair loss treatment in Mexico, helping people like you feel more confident and improve your appearance. Don’t let thinning hair rest volume to your life! Contact us today to schedule an appointment! Ask us about hair restoration cost in Mexico.

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