Hair Transplant
Preoperative Care

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Once a specialist has evaluated and determined that a direct micro hair transplantation is the best solution for you, there will be some recommendations you must follow for a successful procedure. Here are some of them:

  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco use. The consequences caused to the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems by these substances can affect the procedure development, so it is better to let your body rest from these products at least one week before the intervention.
  • Avoid certain medications. Aspirin and diet supplements have anticoagulant effects that could be inconvenient; they must be avoided seven days before treatment. People who suffer from chronic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and psychiatric problems may continue with their prescription, although the doctor will probably make some additional recommendations.
  • Rest. Feeling well-rested helps the body feel relaxed before the procedure, even when it is minimally invasive.
  • Have a light breakfast and wear comfortable clothes. It is recommended that you have a light breakfast the day of the intervention to avoid discomfort or inflammation throughout the procedure. When it comes to clothing, wear a loose-fitting shirt, preferably with buttons, so you can easily change without harming your head after the transplant.

By following these recommendations and the ones our specialists may give you by evaluating your case, you’ll be ready for a successful surgery!


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