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Suppose you have noticed that more and more hair is left on the pillow and in the shower. In that case, you begin to see with concern that your entries are getting bigger and, in general, you observe a lower capillary volume. You are surely wondering what to do about it.

You have probably thought about resorting to the miracle products against baldness offered in the market. However, they are not effective since they do not fit your specific needs like a personalized treatment by a specialist would.

At Hairfix, we have various treatments to moderate hair loss and help you preserve an excellent image, as well as a team of experts who can diagnose your problem accurately. Treatments that have been shown to have positive results include the following:

  • Micro Direct Hair Transplantation. A technique where hair is extracted from the same patient to place them in other areas is needed. The thoroughness with which this procedure is carried out allows the follicles to develop in the transplanted area and those in the donor area to regenerate again. This method can increase the volume of hair, beard, mustache, and even eyebrows.
  • Hair Regeneration with Stem Cells. This treatment stimulates hair to grow and strengthen through AAPE, a composition of advanced protein extracts derived from human adipose tissue stem cells containing more than 300 growth factors. This cellular biotechnology can stop hair loss and increase the hair follicles’ thickness, achieving a greater capillary density. Carrying out this treatment involves micropuncture, a process by which microchannels are formed in the scalp so that the protein extract enters and does its effect.
  • Pharmacological Treatment. Drugs such as minoxidil and finasteride are endorsed by various health organizations globally, thanks to their results in medical practice against hair loss. The first has a vasodilator effect that delays hair loss and is effective in 40% of patients. In contrast, the second is indicated only to treat androgenic baldness. It restrains the creation of dihydrotestosterone in the body – hormone derived from testosterone that causes the loss of follicles—, stopping the fall in 80% of cases and increasing growth in up to 70% of them.

Don’t let baldness win you over, and come with the experts. Get to know us and discover all the solutions that Hairfix has for you.




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